Nice one!:)

Words by Matt Willis

A couple weeks back, preceding our adventures through Pasadena, we got up extra early to check out the weekly Supercar Sunday event in Woodland Hills. This particular event just happened to be a BMW Marque. We arrived just after sun-up and there was a building array of cars to see.





BMW 2002…

Mercedes 190E



Porsche Carrera with an interesting err „roof“ rack.


A few Fiat 500s showed up…


Lincoln Continental…


Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Murcielago…


I thought this custom Ferrari emblem was a little tacky…


I do miss the Murcie at times, but still like the Aventador better.



Volvo P1800 coupe…




Datsun Z…




Slammed Audi wagon…



Mid-60’s Thunderbird hardtop…


I liked the simple theme on this Mini…


Lotus Espirit…


This is either some sort of modified Porsche 356 body or a 164 replica; I doubt its an original 64 model.


Here’s another angle.


Two street-legal…

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